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Punta Cana Food and Wine Festival

Reaches its fifth edition, as an event dedicated to promoting the best of Punta Cana’s Gastronomy. Its program offers a range of activities for gastronomic enthusiasts and visitors to the area. Tastings, tastings, cocktails and special events are part of your agenda. Previous editions have been held at locations such as Paradisus, Iberostar, Tortuga Bay and the Barceló Bavaro Convention Center.


Will Occupy foodie hotspots of the Punta Cana area such as Lorenzillo’s Punta Cana where the opening will be held and Cap Cana and it’s famous locations as Little John.


It is organized by the marketing company specialized in gastronomy and tourism, CREATO, in collaboration with the Association of Hotels of the East, hotel and food and beverage companies and the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism.

Special guests

Darnell Holguín

Darnell Holguin
At Fifty in the West Village, the bar manager, Darnell Holguín, features Latino-influenced cocktails to pair with the chef Luis Jaramillo’s New American style kitchen – and he knows what he’s doing. The Bronx native has been working behind the bar since he was only 18 years old. “I had no experience. I was just out of a two-day course. “He says. “I had to make a Martini for an older person who clearly had drunk them all the time and said, ‘It’s the best Martini I’ve ever had’ got stuck. ‘ Since then, he has been working in private activities – at the launch party of Junot Díaz’s book, “The Brief and Wonderful Life of Oscar Wao” – in bars such as Mamajuana Café, the now closed Theater Bar and Donatella, Gin Bathtub, and Now in the almost hidden Fifty.

The It was All a Dream is served the way it would be done in the Dominican Republic: In an aluminum cup with a lot of ice.

This chef brought a unique style to the bartending scene in NY; But in no cocktail is that singular style more present than its cocktail of entrance to the competition of Bacardí Legacy: “It was All a Dream!”. This one made him winner of the contest of the East Coast and will take it to Germany next month for the world-wide end. “It was All a Dream!” Combines the herbal profile of the classic Dominican drink “mamajuana” with the popular breakfast drink “die dreaming” and, of course, there is Bacardi 8. As part of the competition, You have to create the brand and market this cocktail to an audience as wide as possible through social media, guest shifts at different bars and even t-shirts. “It’s the same as when you’re promoting a big party,” he says. “In this case, the party is the cocktail.”

The It was All a Dream is served the way it would be in the Dominican Republic: In an aluminum cup, and with lots of ice.

Kelvin Fernández

When Kelvin Fernandez changed his t-shirt to fight for the cook jacket while in high school, the culinary world had before him a young star on the rise. Fernandez, 31, is today head chef in New York City, one of the top restaurants in Upper Manhattan.

Gourmets across the country were able to get a glimpse of Fernandez’s cooking skills. He is the first Latino on “Beat Bobby Flay,” from the Food Network series, which faces chefs in a kitchen challenge.

Fernandez, one of the only five invited chefs, defeated famous American chef Bobby Flay, the host, and he did it with a very Latin dish: Arepa.

The media exposure at the national level was a great challenge gel for Fernandez, native Harlem, born of Dominican parents. As a teenager he enrolled in a high school cooking program at age 15 in order to impress his girlfriend at the time. “I won a scholarship at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America), which is the number one culinary school in the United States, from then on I never looked back.”

Activity program

“It was all a Dream” special guest Darnell Holguín, Friday, August 4, 8:00 PM

A special night to open and celebrate in one of the new and more spectacular spaces of the destination Punta Cana. Enjoy tapas of the best dishes of the restaurant accompanied by a star of the bar and his award winning cocktail “It was all a Dream”. This is Darnell Holguin from bar 50 in New York city. Good music and a unique atmosphere will make the night memorable at the start of # PCFW17. Presented by Barcelo Imperial and Lorenzillo’s.

Chilling and Grilling, special guest Chef Kelvin Fernandez, Playa Juanillo, August 5, 7:00 PM

A grilled cooking experience on the edge of one of the most dazzling beaches in the entire destination. Chefs special guests and residents of the restaurant LITTLE JOHN will cook for you an unforgettable experience on the beach. Live music and good atmosphere will enliven the evening. Presented by Cerveza President and Supermercados Nacional.

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Punta Cana Food & Wine

Punta Cana Food & Wine

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